Friday, June 24, 2011

Mexican Breakfast Casserole

I made Mexican Breakfast Casserole for Bradley and I to eat for breakfast this week. It's a great breakfast idea for when you have company, or just want something to eat all week. It lasted us about 5 days. My only problem with the recipe was that I couldn't find turkey sausage anywhere. I ended up using just regular low fat sausage which still had plenty of fat. The recipe goes in the casserole dish in layers. 

Here's a pic of the top layer before I poured in the eggs:

You have to plan ahead because the dish marinates overnight

Here's a pic of the dish right out the oven:

And here's a side view of my serving:

I always forget to add the salt and pepper while I mixing together the recipe and end up having to add a lot before I eat. 

Sous chef gives this recipe 1 thumb up! He especially liked having a hot breakfast all week. I did too, definitely a luxury in this house. 

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  1. I made this the other day, it was super yummy. Will for sure make again!