Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Pie

As noted in the previous post, I was elected to make dessert for Heath and Karen's BBQ last weekend. I thought I would make something chocolate for the chocolate lovers and something fruity for the non-chocolate lovers. Publix had their strawberries on sale last week so I made the Fresh Strawberry Pie. Publix always has the best strawberries from Florida at the beginning of the summer. I bought a ton of them. 

This pie was even easier than the last. You use an already made pie crust. The filling is a lemon gelatin mixture which holds everything together quite nicely. 

This is a picture of the gooey gelatin:
As you can tell it's really thick. 

Mix in the strawberries, pour it over the pie crust and refrigerate. Then you get this lovely looking piece of pie. It was great. Perfect for the summer. Jason loved it. He gave it two thumbs up, but everyone else was flocking towards the chocolate pie. 

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