Monday, May 9, 2011

Margarita Shrimp

I'm back!!!!
The kitchen is all set up and stocked with wonderful ingredients! I'm ready to start eating healthy again. 
We still don't have a reliable internet source, they said that will take up to 3 months, but that's a different story. So in the mean time there is a corner upstairs that get wireless from somewhere that occasionally works. 

We celebrated our two year anniversary last week! Our celebratory dinner was Margarita Shrimp and some white rice with cilantro and lime (that one isn't in the cookbook, but I thought it would go quite nicely with the shrimp). 

The recipe appears simple, but it was kind of like making a roux for gumbo. You have to stir in the flour with olive oil and watch out because it might burn, especially on a gas stove (which I'm super excited about, but still getting used to).

The spicy advice says you can substitute orange juice for orange liqueur, which I did because we didn't not have any. I also failed to notice the line that says to marinate for an hour so that wasn't done either, but it came out quite nice. 

Sous Chef says:


There really wasn't much clean up, I used one pot and a cutting board. 
I planted some cilantro seeds outside and will definitely make this again when they start growing. 

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