Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Potato Chili over Couscous

Tonight we had an interesting dish that I wasn't quite sure about, but tried anyway because we already had most of the ingredients. I just had to buy the couscous, beans and red bell pepper. The recipe calls for Louisiana yams, which I substituted for homegrown Tennessee yams, courtesy of Janet and Rick's summer garden. The part I wasn't quite sure about was the chipotle seasoning and sweet potatoes. An odd combination, but strangely it worked. 

Here's a pic of the ingredients before: 

Love the Le Creuset pot! Thanks Aunt Patti and Uncle Richard!

Total the ingredients cost about $4, the recipe made 6 servings, so thats $0.75 a serving!

The dish took about an hour overall including prep and cooking time. There was a lot of chopping. The sweet potato took forever to chop in to 1/2 cubes. The clean up was okay, I used two pots, a strainer and cutting board. 

Here's a pic of the final product:

Soux Chef says:

 If you will notice the clean plate...I enjoyed it. I probably would have given it one thumb up. I would definitely cook it again. A great fall dish, lots of color, and very nutritious. 

P.S. We are using a Likert scale for the thumbs up system. The scores are as follows:

Two thumbs up: Very Good, Exceptional! 
One thumb up: Good, a definite keeper!
Sideways thumb: Ehh. May or may not cook again.
One thumb down: Okay, but probably would not cook again. 
Two thumbs down: Yucko! Give it to Butters!

Stay tuned for Crunchy Fish with Lemon Sauce tomorrow night!
Then no post for a while because we will be eating left overs forever.

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