Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shrimp Dumplings with Asian Sauce

I was really nervous about making this recipe. It's quite tedious and unlike anything I've ever made before. 

First I had to google won ton wrappers because I haven't been able to find them at the store. My google search showed that you have to look in the refrigerated health food/soy section. That's where I found these:

Once I had all of my ingredients I put them in the food processor and made a spinach and shrimp paste:

Then I filled the won ton wrappers with the paste and twist the top:

A tip I figured out after I had finished was to wet the edges of the wrappers so they stick together easier. As you might imagine this part took a while. 
Once they're all filled and pinched you cook them in water:

Then serve them with the Asian sauce:

We had this dish with the left over Asian pasta I had made the night before. They went quite well together. 

I made the dumplings in the morning on a day off. It took about an hour to from start to finish, so definitely save this recipe for a day off. I had time to have the kitchen cleaned and once it was time for dinner it took about 15 minutes to prepare, all I had to do was boil them in the water and cover with asian sauce. 

Sous Chef not only gave this recipe two thumbs up, he said it was the best recipe in the cookbook thus far. Of course his favorite would be one of the hardest to prepare. 

The recipe made about 5 servings which brings the cost to $2.60 a serving. 

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