Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homestyle Chicken

Our church has a committee that makes dinner for new mothers, so sweet sous chef signed me up last weekend while I was out of town. He said he knew whatever I cooked would be delicious and that he would get the extras. I picked Homestyle Chicken and made a side of Oriental Pasta (per Bradley's request. I've made it before, it's in a previous post) and Blueberry pie for Dessert. The Homestyle Chicken was fairly easy. I had 12 chicken breast in the freezer so I was eager to use them. 
This is basically a chicken breast in an onion flavored gravy. It was quite tasty. If I make it again I would put it in the slow cooker. 

I realize that it doesn't look that fantastic. This is because the chicken is coated in flour and when I mixed it in the gravy it started peeling off. It tasted great though. 
Sous chef gave this 1 thumb up. 

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