Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seared Scallops wrapped in Prosciutto

Okay folks, I'm sorry to say that this was the first recipe that I didn't like. But in all fairness to the recipe, I don't care for scallops. This recipe has 2 ingredients: scallops and prosciutto and the total cost for me was $20. I bought the scallops at Costco, which was probably my first mistake. Are you supposed to wash the scallops first? Well I didn't and they were gritty.  The recipe was super easy to prepare and cook. It took about 10 minutes to wrap them, and about 10 minutes to cook them. My advice to anyone making this recipe would be 1. don't buy the scallops at Costco, 2. rinse the scallops. 

Here's a photo. They look lovely:

I'm not going to give this one a rating because I knew I wouldn't like them before I even cooked them. 
Sous chef isn't a fan of scallops either unless they're wrapped in bacon dripping with grease at Bosco's. 

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