Saturday, December 4, 2010

Morning Muffins

First off I want to thank the creator of "Mom's Plans" for mentioning my blog on her website!
She gave a lovely little review. You should definitely check out her website. It's not just for moms, it's wonderful for anyone who wants great ideas for money and time saving ideas.

Next order of business: Morning Muffins
Bradley has to work all weekend so I thought I would show some sympathy and make him breakfast. 

I chose the morning muffins because they have some healthy ingredients and I had most of them in the pantry. I only had to buy golden raisins and shredded carrots. 

I had a little issue with the brown sugar. It seems that if you leave it in the pantry for too long (3 years) it solidifies. I used it anyway because I had already started cooking, but I couldn't get it to mix in well. 

Here's a photo of the finished product:

They were a bit dry, but pretty good. I think they may have turned out better with fresh brown sugar. You get a few bitter bites mixed with a few sweet ones.
A curious thing happened to the carrots after I cooked them, the ones exposed at the top turned green. You can kind of tell from the above picture. If I make these again I would shred my own carrots. The ones that I bought already shredded were a little coarse. 
The recipe made 21 muffins and the ingredients that I bought cost $4.00. So a pretty cheap breakfast when you compare that to one muffin from starbucks!

Soux chef isn't here to give a rating, so I'll substitue for him:
Sideways thumb! I might try it again with better brown sugar to give it a fair shot.


  1. They make discs or gingerbread people shaped clay pieces to keep brown sugar soft. and they work great.

  2. I made the carrot cake - delicious - but also had the same issue with carrots turning green. I've never had that happen before.Taste was not affected but the color was a bit of a turn off...