Thursday, December 30, 2010

Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas

These Quesadillas were great! It's so nice to have something different with a healthy twist. I love that the recipe included spinach. I could barely taste it, but I knew I was getting the extra vitamins. I love it!
These were super easy to make compared to Tuesday nights shrimp. This took about 30 minutes total with having to cook and shred the chicken. Soux chef actually was a soux chef tonight and helped by shredding the chicken!

Here's a picture of the quesadilla before I put the top on the tortilla. 
I used the leftover mozzarella from the chicken tuscan primavera, and the leftover spinach from the Asian greens salad we had Tuesday. I pulled one chicken breast out of the freezer, which left the tortillas being the only ingredient I needed from the store. 

You can barely see the quesadillas, but they're on the plate. You don't really need salsa with the quesadillas, we used it with some chips. 

Soux Chef says:
He did add a disclamer: It was two thumbs up delicious, but for culinary creativity it gets 1 thumb up. 
I think the easier the recipe is the more thumbs up it should get, but that just shows who's actually doing the cooking!

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