Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rich Chocolate Three Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Last night we had a very special occasion for a cake recipe...Cara's 30th birthday!
We had a surprise birthday party, and while Brian distracted her and took her out to dinner, I snuck into their house and prepared some yummy food and drinks. I pretty much begged Brian to let me make the cake so I could try out this recipe. 

I had all of the ingredients in my pantry except 2- butter extract (which sounds and looks disgusting) and cream cheese. 

I started with the three layers of cake, whipped up the icing then layered them all on top of each other. The icing was a little slippery and it made the layers of the cake slide around a bit, so I stuck some toothpicks in the cake to hold it in place. 

Thanks Palmer for the pretty handwriting. 

We served it with some vanilla ice-cream. 
I made the cake ahead on Monday and stored it in a tupperware cake container. It stored great. It was moist and absolutely delicious. You could hardly tell it's healthy...sort of. 
313 calories per slice and 8 grams of fat. We had about 16 people and ate the entire cake. 
Soux chef's say:

Stephanie was super excited about rating it!

Cara got a copy of the cookbook for her birthday! Picture coming soon.

As promised: Cara's birthday picture, with her birthday present. What a lucky girl!

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