Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Pot New Year's Day Meal

Bradley and I spent New Year's Eve in Eastman, GA at a wedding. I didn't get to make my New Year's dish for good luck until today. This dish literally took me 15 minutes to prepare, and about 10 minutes of that time was spent chopping cabbage. I used my Le Creuset pot (thanks Hart's). I was nervous about putting it in the oven, but the website says that it is safe with temperatures up to 375 degrees. It was the perfect size. I changed up two of the ingredients. I accidentally bought the tomatoes and green chilis that are meant for cooking chili so they had a little chili seasoning, and I had a pound of turkey in the freezer so I substituted that for the sirloin. My grandmother cooked the same dish yesterday and recommended adding salt and pepper to the meat, which I did. 
I layered all of my ingredients:

Cooked it for an hour and 15 minutes...

Bradley and I had a delicious lunch. It made quite a bit of food. I'm debating putting some of it in the freezer. 

Soux Chef gave it one thumb up. I gave it the same. It was an easy casserole, 

Marion was the first to try out the recipe so she sent an overview. Thanks Marion!

I made the one pot New Year’s Day meal on page 176.  (Too Hot In the Kitchen)  It was very good and very easy.  The hardest part was to chop the cabbage.   (I  did that the day before)  I made it in a heavy round magnolite roaster with a cover, and cooked it in the oven.  I    am getting ready to microwave some left-overs.  Wish you could come eat some with me.  It makes a lot.  I didn’t add any extra season,but if I made it again I would sprinkle a little salt and black pepper on the ground sirloin.   very easy meal.

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  1. I am definitely going to try it. I love cabbage!