Saturday, January 29, 2011

French Onion Soup

This yummy French Onion Soup is the real thing!
I love French Onion soup, but I've always made it from the dry powder mixes with dehydrated onions when I make it at home. This was pretty easy to prepare, it only uses one pot, but there are a lot of ingredients that go into it. I made this Monday and have had it for leftovers two other nights this week. I love leftovers because there's no preparation, no clean up, and it can be ready in two minutes. Bradley on the other hand gets tired of them. 

All of the ingredients go into one large pot.

Then it goes into a bowl, top it with french bread and cheese and put in the oven on broil.
I wasn't sure if these dishes are oven safe, but they seemed to do okay.

I love it with the crispy bread and cheese on top!

Great meal, especially when it's cold out. 

Bradley gave it one thumb up. He said his reasoning is because he can make it himself without the recipe. Then he started naming all of the ingredients he would put in it and none of them were close! He's so adorable. I thought it was delicious and easy. 

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