Sunday, January 16, 2011

German Chocolate Cake Squares

Did everyone get to watch the BCS championship game on Monday? 
We went to a friends house to watch it on his big screen HDTV. It was awesome!

I made the German Chocolate Cake Squares to share with everyone for dessert. They were quite a hit. 

These were a little difficult to make, it was a good thing I had the day off from work. They took about an hour from start to finish. I had to break down and buy the pecans, as well as parchment paper, and a box of cake mix. All of the other ingredients I had in the pantry. I feel like I've used coconut like crazy and still have almost half a bag left. So just to paint a mental picture of what they tasted like, imagine a layer of coconut and pecans, topped with a fluffy and moist chocolate cake, then a light and creamy chocolate frosting. Delicious! The recipe made a lot and the original plan was for Bradley to bring them to work with him ( my boss said I was fired if I brought anymore sweets to work), but we ended up eating them all ourselves (over an entire week of course).

Sous chef gave these 2 thumbs up, as did all of the folks that watched the game with us. Yay for the SEC!

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